Early school leaving and, more broadly, educational disadvantage have been priority issues of the EU for a number of years and these priorities are reflected in the targets in the EU 2020 Strategy.

The main focus of our project “Let’s go to school in Europe!” is prevention of early school leaving and discovering the root causes of this phenomenon. Among the partner countries, there are some who have high rates of early school leaving and some have lower rates. Within this project, we will be able to observe the different problems but also exchange best practices.

During our project we are going to conduct a survey that will reflect the reality of early school leaving in each country, investigate the reasons for school dropouts and focus on good practices for the prevention of abandoning school. Our main purpose is to identify and correct the causes of early school leaving, identify tools and methods to eradicate it, detect what is lacking from today’s school system at national and European levels, and suggest positive changes in the governments’ policy, so as to carry out effective interventions to tackle the problem of early school leaving successfully. Our major concern from our position as teachers is to ensure that the reflection on causes and consequences of early school leaving can contribute to the prevention of school dropouts.

We will also build a cultural bridge among the countries to promote learning foreign languages in order to develop understanding among young people. We will support the use of ICT-based content and services for students and staff. We will thus enhance the quality of European perspective of the students and teachers.