Let’s go to school in Rheims !

From May 11th to May 16th   2014 , the Comenius team in Rheims welcomed their European colleagues for the last working session of our project : let’s go to school in Europe !


Working sessions, cultural visits, school visits, festive events were organized in a very friendly atmosphere. Our school community gathered together : pupils, families, teachers, principal and vice principal, the members of the local educational authorities met the whole Comenius team.

For this last meeting, we all agreed that only the teachers would attend.

At Maryse Bastié secondary school, we visited the school and  we were introduced to the Special Needs, a separate department that was very interesting to us, since it is something we are not familiar with in a normal school. We had working sessions every morning, discussing the draft of the Final report and the finishing touches of our Collection of good practices.

 We had a guided visit of the famous  Cathedralof Reims, the towers and the Palais du Tau.

We visited another school, Lycée Brière in Reims, a “micro-lycée” , a new modern structure welcoming ESL pupils, which integrates drop-outs by teaching them different skills for future jobs, along with theoretical studies in order to take a vocational baccalaureate.

We had a very interesting  and open meeting with the teachers and with the students involved in the micro-lycée who answered all our questions.

 There was a festive evening with the school community : pupils, parents, teachers involved in the project.

 We were driven to Avize to visit a lycée specialized in Champagne.We had a wonderful experience in a Champagne cellar in Epernay , Champagne Mercier

We made a  final overview and evaluation of our project, thinking back at all the problems we encountered and the hard work within each school, and we had an emotional good-bye and promised to keep in touch.