SAMPLE SELECTED AT SCHOOL •ANALYSIS OF 25 QUESTIONNAIRES ANSWERED BY 25 STUDENTS OF C CLASS OF THE 3RD GYMNASIO IRAKLIOU KRITIS IN GREECE • •AGE OF STUDENTS: 14 - 15 •GRADE: 3RD GRADE OF GYMNASIUM •GENDER: 7 Male and 18 Female students •PLACE OF BIRTH: Grece, apart from 2 students who were born abroad. •FAMILY MEMBERS: Only 7 students have a family which consists of more than 4 people. • •Do you like school? 19 YES / 6 NO •Do you like studying? 6 YES / 19 NO •Do you like learning? 21 YES / 4 NO It is remarkable that even though the vast majority of pupils likes learning only 6 of them answer that they actually like studying, which contributes significantly to learning. • •Do you want to do well at school? ALL OF THEM SAID YES 25 Y / 0 N •Do you want to get your leaving certificate? ALL 25 Y •Do you want to go to university or other higher education institution? 23 Y / 2 N •Do you think it is it is important to stay at school and finish it? ALL 25 Y •How much do you like going to school? •3 students said Very much •13 students said Pretty much • 7 students said Little •1 students said Very little •1 students said Not at all •Do you think going to school will help you in your adult life? •22 students said Y •3 students said N • •THE MAJORITY OF STUDENTS ANSWERED THAT FRIENDS, SPORTS AND/OR EXCURSIONS ENCOURAGE THEM TO COME TO SCHOOL. A FEW INCLUDED THE LESSONS AND/OR TEACHERS AND ALSO ADDED THE FAMILY/PARENTS. •AS IT WAS EXPECTED HOMEWORK, TESTS AND EXAMS WERE THE MOST COMMON REASONS THAT MAKE STUDENTS NOT WANT TO COME TO SCHOOL. •How much time per day do you study for your school lessons? •12 students said one hour •10 students said two hours •3 STUDENTS REPLIED 3 HOURS OR MORE •Would you ever consider giving up school? •ALL 25 pupils said NO •What would your parents think if you drop out of school? •4 said they would be angry •21 said they would not allow it • •Have you ever been suspended from a lesson? 13 said YES, but extremely rarely for being too noisy and talkative during the lesson. •Have you ever been expelled from school for one or more days because of misbehaviour? only 2 said YES • •Why do you skip classes without a valid excuse? 11 replied out of boredom •What did you mostly do on the days you were absent from school without a valid excuse? 6 replied that they went out with friends •Have you ever been bullied at school? ALL 25 SAID NO • •Do you feel that you fit in your school environment? •23 said Y •2 said N •How do you get along with your classmates: •18 said very well •5 said well •2 said badly •How do you get along with your teachers: •9 said very well •13 said well •3 said badly • If secondary education was not obligatory would you choose to attend school? •16 said YES, because school is important for learning, acquiring new knowledge and broadening our horizons. •9 said NO • If you did not have to go to school what would you prefer to do instead? •taking up new hobbies and activities •meeting friends and have fun with friends • travelling •doing sports •sleeping more • •How do you feel most of the time you spend at school? •4 happy •5 satisfied •3 sad •3 melancholic •ONLY 1 confident •7 energetic •THE VAST MAJORITY: 21 bored • A LOT: 10 stressed IT IS WORTH MENTIONING THAT MOST STUDENTS CHOSE BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE FEELINGS, WHICH IS INDICATIVE OF THE MIXED MOOD THEY DISPLAY MOST OF THE TIMES. •Things that would make students want to come to school all the time: • •LESS LESSON HOURS •LESS HOMEWORK, LESS TESTS •LEARNING MORE FOREIGN LANGUAGES, DIVISION IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE LEVELS •BIGGER AND NICER PLAYGROUND (WITH MORE GREEN) •BETTER EQUIPMENT, MORE COMPUTERS AND TECHNOLOGY •HAVING MORE FUN IN THE LESSONS •SPENDING MORE TIME DOING SPORTS •PERMISSION TO USE MOBILE PHONES •GOOD LOOKING PUPILS •GOOD LOOKING TEACHERS •STUDENTS HAVING THE CHANCE TO CHOOSE THE LESSONS THEY WANT TO ATTEND •GETTING NO GRADES AND FORBID ENTRANCE TO THE PARENTS (1 said so)