List of good practices in Denmark

List of good practices in Denmark

3 types of early school leavers:


-          The ones who achieve poorly at school

-          The ones who have social difficulties

-          The ones who have disadvantaged backgrounds



IT-backpack (the students who are dyslectic or have other similar difficulties get a computer and helping programs from the school)

Differentiated materials, our books often have texts in different levels

Differentiated teaching, we have different expectations and demands to the different students.

Variety in our teaching where we try to involve the different learning styles

We have several not-academically subjects like woodwork, PE, needlework, home economics, music, art etc.

Class dividing (we divide them in gender, interests, levels etc.)

Sport days several times a year

Theme days several times a year

Less homework – they have to read 20 minutes a day – one lesson at the library a week.


Support teachers, who we can bring the class

Reading counselor at school

AKT department at school

Social worker at school – the students can get a contact-person, who can help outside school.

Career guidance counselor at school

School psychologist at school

Special needs assistants who help the students who require them

We can test students as much as we want – out headmistress thinks that it’s better to test too many instead of too few. We need to give the students the help they need.


Class’ time – one lesson a week, where we work on the social bonding in the class with teambuilding and discussing topics like bullying etc.

We are obliged to focus on social bonding between the students.

We try to see the students in a positive way, see their qualities instead of their limits

The teachers must know the students inside and outside school – get to know them well

The teachers have to read the reports on the different students.

The teachers must be very clear and consistent.



We have surveys at school regarding the well-being of the students

If a student has not showed up at school the secretary will call their parents in the morning

If there are problems or the students haven’t made their homework we write in an online contact book directly to their parents

Pupil’s council at school where the pupils discuss new ideas for the school or problems we have to deal with.



Sport clubs after school

Homework help after school

Youth club in the evening three times a week

School party once a year

Class activities planned by parents outside school a couple of times a year

Youth school courses, an offer for students in our municipality