2. Gimnaziul Sf. Vasile Ploiesti, Romania


“St. Vasile” secondary school is one of the most important public schools in Prahova region (850.000 inhabitants), an area with a rich historical and cultural heritage. It was first founded in 1895 by the nearby church.


“Sf. Vasile” school provides pre-primary, primary and secondary level education to almost 900 students.The school staff is  engaged in motivating the students to learn and in creating a welcoming and supportive  educational environment.

The teachers are involved in tutoring children through overtime, offering them counselling and moral support. They also attend in-service training courses for teachers – activities to help them cope with the students’ problems. Our school has partnerships with major institutions of culture in our town (taking children to concerts, theatre performances, new books presentations, holiday camps, educational trips)  in order to attract them to school and transform the leisure of children in a joy of learning.

For the past two years, we have attached a neighboring school, “Ion Creanga”, as a structure to our school, as the number of students attending this school has diminished constantly, not only because of the decreasing birth rate, but also because of many students dropping out altogether. Many of these students come from mono-parental families, some have major learning disabilities or behavioral problems. All these led to the dissolution of this school as a juridic entity.

Since starting with this school year, absenteeism and early school leaving are the top priorities for our national educational system, our teachers have  now to deal with the specific issues that these children have.

“Sf. Vasile” school, as a partner in this project, wishes to develop and share creative and innovative methods to engage students, to learn from other European countries’ experience, to be connected with and apply the latest tools of motivating children to study and stay in school. It will participate in concrete activities: participation of the school representatives in the mobilities, participation in seminars, trainings, conference.

We want to involve students thoroughly in the activities. They are our priority, our main  concern, they are the end users of the outcomes of this project. The pupils, with the help of teachers, will manage computer programs, in order  to prepare presentations and web sites about heroes, plots, writers’ biography, all linked to the topic of the project, school attendance.


PROF. GRATIELA PADUROIU   – project coordinator

PROF.OVIDIU MARIAN-IONESCU   – headmaster, financial manager

PROF. ANCA DANILOF   – deputy headmistress, students coordinator