4. College Maryse Bastie- Reims, France

Our school, “Collège Maryse Bastié”  is  situated in the outskirts of Reims, a city  in theNorth-East of France, 130 km from Paris.

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8. St. Kevin Community College- Dublin, Ireland

St. Kevin’s Community College is a small secondary school on the outskirts of Dublin City.  There are approx. 40 teaching staff and 350 students.  The school is in a disadvantaged area of South West Dublin.  St. Kevin’s has nearly 26 years of experience fighting against educational disadvantage.


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7. Ataturk Ilkogretimokulu-Amasya, Turkey

Our school is a primary and secondary school in Amasya, which has a very important history. Our school has almost seven hundred students and forty teachers. It has twelve classes, a computer lab, a science lab, a sports hall and a library. It has a lot of students who have different social backgrounds. The school is located in the middle of the city, but the families don’t live in good conditions both physically and mentally. Because most of the parents don’t have a high education backgrounds or they left school at early ages, they have limited abilities to educate their children. In addition, we have some refugee and immigrant students from different countries, especially eastern countries.

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