5. Ies No.1- Gijon, Spain


We are a Compulsory-Secondary-Education School, whose students are 12 to 16 years old, High Level School (16-18) and Professional Training, Levels 2 and 3. También se imparte formación for 15 to 17 aged youngsters at serious risk of social exclusion (Level 1 of Professional Qualification).


We belong to a disadvantaged suburb in the city. Students’ parents work at service sector and manual jobs. A relevant number of students come from social housing and receive assistance from municipal social departments (families at serious risk of social exclusion).

In addition to the students in the area, we have participants with specific needs, due to psychological, physical or sensitive handicaps. Our centre focuses on students who have motor alterations; this involves that we have got to share schooling of similar students with another centre. There are also immigrants, emigrants and children from ethnic minorities among the students, most   of them from Latin America, as well as some from Morocco, China and Romania.

As an organization we are endowed with Aenor and EFQM (400+) quality seals.

Our role in the project will be that of evaluators, improving the monitorization of the achievements, revision and coordination of the main goals for the planification and execution of non-conformative actions, as well as the improvement proposals which may derive from them.

All the institution will be involved in the project, taking action in the whole educational levels (Compulsory Secondary Education, High School and Professional Training), choosing Diversification Programmes, PCPI and ESO as target groups.