7. Ataturk Ilkogretimokulu-Amasya, Turkey

Our school is a primary and secondary school in Amasya, which has a very important history. Our school has almost seven hundred students and forty teachers. It has twelve classes, a computer lab, a science lab, a sports hall and a library. It has a lot of students who have different social backgrounds. The school is located in the middle of the city, but the families don’t live in good conditions both physically and mentally. Because most of the parents don’t have a high education backgrounds or they left school at early ages, they have limited abilities to educate their children. In addition, we have some refugee and immigrant students from different countries, especially eastern countries.


Early school leaving is an urgent and serious problem, both for individuals and society as a whole. We want to work together to reduce the number of pupils who drops out before the end of secondary education. We will include a wide range of measures such as providing high quality early childhood education and care to give children a good start into education, improving the transition from primary to secondary education, turning schools into encouraging places for all pupil and providing pupils with individual support when needed.In addition, young people who dropped out of education and training need to get a second chance in a learning environment which addresses their specific needs and helps them to re-gain confidence in learning.

Our school is one of the partners of this project and we have decided the activities together with our partners. This is the first time we have organized a Comenius project, we are inexperienced but our teachers and students are very ambitious to do this. They haven’t had any chance to meet different people, their cultures and traditions so far, but we hope this time we will enable them to achieve this. They will meet European people and know their people, cultures and education systems. They will have a chance to compare them with themselves with  their advantages and disadvantages. They will be able to see the differences and similarities on curriculums and education systems. It is very important for us to carry out the project because we want to encourage our students to go on higher education and to learn foreign languages and to gain intercultural awareness.